No-Spend Month Day 9: What is "free"?

The definition of free, in the context of cost, is "complimentary: costing nothing; exempt [from paying]: grant relief or an exemption from a rule or requirement to [pay]"

What I'm learning is, "Buy one, get one free" isn't actually free. I have to spend money- buy one- to get the deal. Technically, it's "50% off when you buy 2," but that phrase doesn't go over as well with ad viewers. "Free after mail-in rebate" isn't actually free, either- I have to pay for the item, and my money will be refunded later. While I see lots of great deals out there this month- as I always do, reading fantastic posts by bloggers that keep us lazy deal-hunters informed- I can't chase any of them. Unless they're actually free.

So what have I found that's Actually Free?

  • Tickets to the US Senior Open from my company
  • Tickets to see Sandi Patty and the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra this coming Tuesday, won from @IndyStateFair
  • Dryer balls won from Inexpensively
  • Coupons for free items like Tropicana orange juice and candy and Kroger tomatoes
  • Community events
  • Walks in the neighborhood, playing board games at home, re-watching old movies
  • Food from my garden
When I get anxious or bored at home, I often want to go out just to get out, to do something. Often this means wandering around a Goodwill or bookstore or the mall. The vast majority of the time I won't buy anything, but the fact that my entertainment circulates around retail outlets is somewhat disconcerting. This month, I'm enjoying finding Actual Free things to do- and finding them in abundance!

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