It's Just Change

See a penny on the sidewalk? Why pick it up? It's just change.
A penny saved is a penny earned.

Why use coupons? They're unwieldy, and besides, what are you saving? It's just change.
Change adds up.

I have a bad habit of eating out and not thinking before making purchases, but I can do better. I mean, what is there to be afraid of? It's just change.
I can handle change.

Organic, local food and fair-trade coffee are more expensive, but I'm willing to spend the extra dollars because it's just change.
I want to think about where my dollars go.

When we all think about where our money's going, both in a frugality sense and in a social-justice sense, our lives will change- and the change we will see- it's just change.

Change in the world
Change in my life
Change in my pocketbook
Change for good
Change for justice
Change for just us

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