No-Spend Month, Day 10: Not a No-Spend weekend

Last weekend, I celebrated our first No Spend Weekend, where we didn't spend a penny unnecessarily. This weekend, we did spend a few pennies (Dollars, even!):
  • 39 cents in tax at CVS. I picked up one thing free, and we had to pick up some medicine. The balance was paid with ECBs, but the tax was out of pocket. This burned through about 8 ECBs that I didn't get back.
  • $2.61 at Dairy Queen. When we started this challenge, I said our weakness is occasionally going out for ice cream... well, Saturday night, we wanted to reconnect after a busy day, and were out running errands, on the way to visit family, and we stopped and shared a Blizzard on our way. This explicitly broke a rule, but, on the upside, Blizzards were $1 off, and the Chocolate Extreme was really good... but that's no excuse.
  • $2.00 at Kroger. I was picking up some free (really, actually free) things, and my husband said we were out of soda. While I don't put this in the "necessity" category, he does, so we picked up a 12-pack.
Previous total: $8.40
New total: $13.40

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