No-Spend Month Day 7: Lunch

As I said before, we're pretty good at budgeting, until something throws us off our schedule.

Every morning, I faithfully get up earlier than I actually need to, and make two lunches- one for me, one for my husband. Mine gets toted along with me to work; my husband's gets placed in the fridge for him to grab on his way out the door about an hour later. Yesterday, he ran out the door without his lunch.

To be fair, this isn't an uncommon occurrence. During months when we're not trying to spend no money (like that double-negative? Yeah, me too.), this will happen about once every week and a half. On those days, he'll go out to eat with his coworkers, and eat the lunch I made the next day. No big deal. This time, he felt really bad, because it WAS a big deal to him, because we were trying so hard not spend any extra money this month. I'm trying to be full of grace about this experiment, so I told him to go ahead and go out to lunch so he'd get to eat lunch, and to order water instead of soda so he wouldn't feel as bad :)

Also, as I stated in my "rules"- I'll go shopping for grocery staples when we run out during the month. Well, Aldi is having a fabulous sale on milk ($1 per gallon!) so I ran there and got two gallons, which will last us more than a couple weeks.

Total spending so far:
Lunch: $6
Milk: $1.98
Previous total: $0.42
New total: $8.40

I should add, we've also been spending money to ship items we've sold on eBay, but that money is coming from the sale of the items, not out of the regular budget.

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Heather said...

I know that you guys aren't big into frozen meals, but I try to always keep atleast 1 at work as a backup plan so I won't ever be without a lunch. Now the trick is remembering to replace it once you've used it.

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