No-Spend Month: Day 3

It's Monday morning, and I'm proud to say we just completed our first no-spend weekend.

A typical weekend for us would be this: Get up Saturday morning, go out to run errands (BUY STUFF), pick up lunch while we're out, get some things done around the house, go to church at 4:30, and out to dinner afterwards. Sundays, we'll work on house projects (which involves a trip to the hardware store), go to Costco or go grocery shopping, often eating lunch out. By the evening, we're usually settled in at home and have a light dinner, but the damage to our checking account has been done.

So how was this weekend different? We didn't go to run errands Saturday morning. Instead, we stayed home, and ate a brunch at about 9:30. We both worked on yard projects before it got hot- my husband mowed while I worked in the garden. We sold a computer on craigslist, so he went to meet the buyer for that while I worked on canning some of the green beans I harvested. I made sure we ate a late lunch/really early dinner before we went to church around 4 so we wouldn't be hungry and wanting to pick something up afterwards. When we got home, we curled up with some popcorn & watched a movie.

Sunday was booked solid with free events, so it wasn't as hard to avoid spending money. After stopping by CVS to pick up some free deals (Confession: I spent 42 cents in tax on otherwise free items) I had free tickets to the US Senior Open happening nearby, and we checked that out in the morning. When we got home, we had a snack to hold us over, and headed to a family reunion, where we were for the rest of the day. We did have to buy a tank of gas on the way home (Gas is considered a "necessity" according to our rules).

Could we do this no-spend weekend every weekend? Perhaps. I suppose we'll try for the next month and see how it goes!

Total spending for August: 42 cents

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