No Spend Month: Before I even begin...

One of the goals of my No-Spend month is to see how much money I can "find" in our budget. The month hasn't even started yet, and unusual "found money" has popped up all over!

  • I got paid for my last 3 months of overtime work
  • My raise kicked in on the paycheck at the end of July
  • Our mortgage payment went down due to lower property taxes
  • My husband started selling parts from 3 extra computers we have sitting around on eBay and craigslist
Without even trying, one of the goals- to save up for classes that my husband needs to take- has been achieved. Because we've already reached the goal, I wonder what the purpose of the month ahead of us is. We're still going to give it a try and see what we end up with, because I know the "purging" will be good for us. 

The next goal: Finish up a 3-month emergency fund.

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Becca said...

I love hearing that. Several unfortunate incidents all at once have conspired to make us really come to grips with where our money is going. So, we're selling and not spending as much as we can!

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