Wanna get angry about Christmas?

Christian music artist Shaun Groves points out the real reason to get angry about the 'war on Christmas'. (HT Brian McLaren)

I read Shaun Groves post directly after reading Slate's declaration that the cultural war on Christmas is coming to an end. I think Shaun hits the nail on the head- do we want to make sure all the stores say Merry Christmas rather than Season's Greetings to signify that we're shopping like crazy in Christ's name? I almost think we need a new name for the celebration of Jesus' birth, since the holiday 'Christmas' has been hijacked by the mall. It's not like the word 'Christmas' is Biblical or anything, so changing it shouldn't be too big a deal, right?

A new 'war on Christmas' has been brewing the last few years, though- a war on the consumerism of Christmas. There are many movements out there, and the most prominent is the Advent Conspiracy- even TIME covered it this year.

Another, Christmas Change, is similar:

Christmas Change from Kujilana on Vimeo.

For us, we're still doing the typical Christmas presents, toned down from years past. We're giving a couple 'donation presents' (donating to a cause in the name of the gift recipient) to people who I think will "get it". We're giving some 'used' gifts to give very usable items a new home, and we're even regifting for the same reasons. We hand-made our Christmas cards.

What are you doing to keep the consumerism out of Christmas this year?

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