No-Spend Month Day 28: I Want

So, how has Not Buying this month affected my desires?

I wondered if I'd be able to ignore all the Wants that come up as a normal part of our culture (and human nature!). Would the temptation be worse, because everything in stores was Stuff I Can't Have? Would I be able to avoid the Wants by just avoiding the stores? The latter tended to be true, but here has been my experience:

  • Advertising triggers Wants. This is what advertising aims to do- and it works. I didn't want the MADSEN Cargo Bikes until I saw the ad for it. Or the conflict-free diamonds. Or the chalkboard table. I'm not actually going to buy any of this stuff, promise. I don't watch TV, so that shields me from a great deal of advertising, but it's all around us. Magazines. Websites. Coupons. Sales flyers. It's amazing how much advertising I subject myself to on purpose, really.
  • Wandering stores triggers Wants. Stores are designed to get visitors to buy, buy, buy. Displays are set up as such. Sale price tags are positioned to catch our eyes. Checkout lines contain easy-to-grab items. Stuff is placed in walking aisles so we have no choice but to look at it as we skirt the display. This month, I made sure to go to stores as rarely as possible and, when I did, go with a very specific list, and stick to it. This is so hard for me to do in grocery stores, especially.
  • Being unprepared triggers Wants. If I didn't pack a water bottle, I'm more tempted to stop for a soda at a fast food restaurant. If I didn't plan a meal for the evening, I'm more likely to want to go out to eat. If I don't pack sufficiently for a trip, it makes me want to go and buy whatever it is I forgot. Just on Wednesday, I was up canning until way past my bedtime, with the most time spent (it seemed) on peeling the stupid tomatoes. I said over and over, I wish I had a food mill. I didn't go out and buy one, but I kept thinking, I HAVE to put this on my Christmas list. I Want. I Want.

What triggers your Wants? What do you do to avoid Buying Temptation?

2 pennies for thoughts:

Becca said...

But you did sign up to win that bike for free, right??

We figured maybe we could make one... :)

Heather said...

What is a food mill? I'm sure my Gma had one, but....I have no clue. I always keep a stash of water and snacks in the car. It's a survival tactic of having kids.
To avoid buying things I just stay out of the stores. If we want to slash our grocery budget then I can't do the shopping. Of course ideally I shouldn't be getting out the cash for the week either because then it burns a hole in my pocket. Note to self!

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