No Spend Month Day 22: Emergencies Happen.

Every time we get on a roll saving up an emergency fund, some Actual Emergency hits, and we deplete it back to where we were before. One of the goals of this month was to seriously cut back on spending so that we could make significant progress on our Emergency Fund goals, So far, so good.

'Emergencies' wouldn't be emergencies if we could see them coming. Replacing an aging appliance isn't an emergency if I knew it was getting old and likely to fail- I could have the foresight to save up for it. Replacing tires on a car due to wear isn't an emergency- I can check the tread and see that I need to start a Tire Fund. Replacing tires due to a nail causing a flat tire, or replacing a newer appliance that dies unexpectedly is an "emergency"- the distinction can be made.

Tonight, I was up past my bedtime finishing canning some green beans, when I drained the sink, and heard rushing water- not through the pipes, but under the sink. Awesome. Water was pouring out of the drain pipe, and I quickly yelled for my husband and plugged the sink again.

Will we need to call a plumber? Hopefully not, but freak things like this are what the Emergency Fund is for. There will probably be a trip to a hardware store tomorrow to find a solution to the leaking pipe, though, but I do want to use my sink again. Someday. Preferably, before the end of our No-Spend Month.

Today's spending:
$7 at the grocery store for milk, 3 loaves of bread, and cereal.
$1.05 at JC Penney for a shirt and a necklace.

Previous total: $121.65
New total: $129.70

2 pennies for thoughts:

Kacie said...

$1.05 for a shirt AND necklace? Giftcards or something? Wowie!

Joanna said...

Yeah! I got a $10 off $10 coupon in the mail for JC Penney's. It expired Saturday and I wanted to use it... so not totally "free"- but pretty close!

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