Living Inexpensively- and Justly!

I Live InexpensivelyMy friend Heather has been working behind the scenes for months, and just last week finally launched Inexpensively, a site sharing deals and coupons locally and nationally. I especially like the local aspect to it- bloggers from specific states are sharing deals from those states- from their neighborhood. It makes the whole, big, national site feel a little smaller when I see my hometown zoo or grocery store featured.

And- EVEN BETTER- the site isn't just about saving money for your own family. When Heather started her previous site, FeedIndy.com, it was originally purposed to help people find deals so they can share with food pantries while still staying on-budget. Inexpensively has continued that same idea, and has an area labelled "Sharing" that will motivate readers to share with those in need. I love the concept, as I've written about before. It doesn't have to be an expensive undertaking, to help others.

Oh, and I should mention, I'm guest posting at Inexpensively today, and hope to in the future, in the Sharing category. Today we're talking about saving money on school supplies, to fill backpacks for kids that wouldn't otherwise have the tools to learn. I'm excited to fill a backpack for a middle schooler and a high schooler- so far I'm about half-done with the school supply lists and have spent about 80 cents, total, on supplies. Helping the less fortunate is affordable, and worth it. Check it out!

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