Life, Inc book review

My friend David interviewed me a while back while putting together a review for Life Inc.: How the World Became a Corporation and How to Take It Back by Douglas Rushkoff and it was published today on the Frontpage Magazine website.

The book sounds like something right up my alley. The review is for a conservative publication that's wary of Rushkoff and attacks on corporations, but, as David points out, the book isn't about being anti-captalism, it's about reconnecting with our communities. Here's some of what I had to say:
“When we need to buy other things- whether it's a piece of furniture, electronics, or clothes- we prefer to buy local. Many times, this means checking whether we can get the item outside of the typical retail outlets first- does anyone on Freecycle have one to offer? Is anything posted on Craigslist? Do any of the many Goodwills in the area have something that will work? Are our friends getting rid of something we need? This approach bypasses corporations altogether, connects us more deeply to our community and its resources, and typically gets us a pretty good deal on whatever it is we're looking for. If we spend money on the thing we're looking for, it goes directly to our neighbors, without any corporation taking a cut.”

Read the whole review to learn more about the book, and see the rest of my input!

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