Ministry Spotlight: World Next Door

All around the world, things are happening. The marginalized, poor, and forgotten are suffering in anonymity. In our comfy home here in the West, in the suburbs, we see none of it. But what if we did?

My friend since high school, Barry, has a heart for these poor, marginalized and forgotten people. He's had the opportunity to spend significant amounts of time with them- in India, in Kenya, in the Ukraine, and even just down the road in Indianapolis. And, now? He wants to tell you their stories.

Enter World Next Door. World Next Door is a group of journalists and photographers that will publish articles and blog posts online recounting their stories of where God is working around the world. These stories will get back to those of us comfortable in our suburban bubble- and pop that bubble, or at least make our world a little bigger. And if we know what is going on around the world, it gives us the opportunity to care.

Want to find out more or get involved? Start reading the brand-spanking-new blog. Attend the rockin' launch party. Volunteer. Follow @worldnextdoor on Twitter. See Barry's interview on Amy's blog. Stay informed. Because "these people"? They are our neighbors.

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