Corporate Giving: Does it matter?

Every company claims to "give back to the community."

From getting their logo on kids' sport team jerseys to being a high-profile sponsor of major philanthropy projects, organizations big and small "give". Should we take into account the Good that a company is doing when deciding whether to shop there?

Slate had a recent article about Amazon.com and how we really don't hear anything of their giving. A look at their "Giving" page highlights how their technology can help nonprofits, and how their employees and customers are giving, but really doesn't discuss corporate giving at all. The Slate article researched any example of Amazon.com corporate giving, to no avail.

So, should this matter? Should we care if the companies we support with our dollars are doing anything good with them? Should I prefer one online retailer over another because of the charity they are participating in?

Just some thoughts for the weekend.

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