Snowed In

Last night, with the inches of snow we got yesterday, our evening was found to be unusually empty.

Because of the length of time it took me to get home from work, I considered calling my husband on his way home & asking him to pick up take-out on his way, because I wasn't going to have as much time to cook as usual. Instead, I decided to do a simple dinner and forgo eating out, saving $15-$20.

Piano lessons were canceled, so we unexpectedly had free time, and talked about renting a movie. Instead, we watched movies we already owned, and saved a trip out as well as $1-$5 renting a movie.

I forget sometimes that staying in can be just as enjoyable as being busy and being out. I have to force myself to stay put, and when I do, I appreciate the stillness.

"Staying put" works for me !

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